From Pastor Bryan


It is hard to believe that my family and I have been here almost 4 years as members of the UFCC family!


What a blessing it has been to become a part of the Elberfeld community and to get to bond together with the other local pastors in an effort to lead the spiritual charge in our community.


To take on such a task can be an overwhelming thing, would it not be for the intricate working of God, as he weaves his design plan throughout the fabric of our lives. The golden thread that makes it all work, is the relationships that God allows us to be a part of.


I could not have asked the Lord to place me with a greater group of people... family members than those He has given me at UFCC. I cannot thank God enough for bringing into my life, a church family that I so desperately need.


God has proven himself over and over, to be the all-knowing God that He says he is, throughout His Word. He knew what I needed. He knew what my family needed. He knew what this community neede a church that is on fire for Him and seeks to do His good will.


My prayer is that God will continue to bless the work of His people, in this community and may we see the seed grow, that is being planted and may we see His church be a light house for all who wonder in the darkness. To Him we give all praise and honor and glory... for He and He alone is worthy!!!!


If you are a visitor to our website and if you are looking for a church home, please consider paying us a visit in person. We are a church that loves God and loves people. We practice an old fashioned style of worship, with a musical blend of old southern gospel music and current contemporary music... along with relevant teaching and preaching from the Word of God. Come and see for yourself, what God has in-store for you... at United Fellowship Community Church! Where God's people are UNITED in FELLOWSHIP to win our COMMUNITY to Christ and to grow them into His CHURCH!